Carved Frog Manju Netsuke

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Carved Frog Manju Netsuke
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Japanese carved  manju netsuke depicting several frogs.  Measures about 1" x 2" diameter.  Signed on the bottom.  In very good used condition, signs of wear commensurate with age. This piece is very likely an ivory of some kind. International Shipping is NOT available for ivory items. Please familiarize yourself with the laws of possession/shipment of ivory in your state PRIOR to buying - there is NO shipping for ivory items out of country compliant with Federal Law. The following states do not allow intracontinental shipment of ivory: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Alaska, and Hawaii. All buyers agree to comply with any additional restrictions regarding the trade of endangered species as a condition of the sale. It is the purchaser's responsibility to obtain any licenses and/or certificates as well as any other required documentation prior to shipment. In the case of denial or delay of any required documentation or paperwork,the buyer will still be responsible for making on-time payment for the total purchase price Therefore, if you are unsure,  it is recommended that you DO NOT BUY this item. We support the ban on the Commercial Ivory Trade. Please do not buy the item if you fall under these restrictions. There will be NO refunds!!



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