Limited Edition Folio JJ Audubon Birds of America

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Limited Edition Folio JJ Audubon Birds of America
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Limited edition 6/750 complete set of the collector's folio of JJ Audubon's Birds of America.Published in 1966 by the American Heritage Publishing Company.  Printed on flat sheets of acid free 120lb. vellum.  It is presented in a wooden box with two drawers, made of walnut with brass drawer pulls, housing loose color plates of Audubon's Birds. The top drawer houses the plates that measure 33.5x54 cm (13¼x21¼") and the bottom drawer houses the smaller plates measuring 33.5x27 cm (13¼x10½"). The box measures 39x 61.5 x14.5 cm (15½x24½x5¾") and made by Drexel Furniture Company.  A brass plaque is on top which reads the title above, and numbered 60 of 750 copies.  A hardbound one volume book accompanies this piece.  

Hundreds of color plates from the first unbound color reproductions ever to be made directly from Audobon's original paintings.  Please take into consideration the weight of the collection as this will significantly add to your total shipping cost.

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