1950s Navajo Hair Washing Ceremony Rug

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1950s Navajo Hair Washing Ceremony Rug
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Circa 1950s Western Reservation hand-woven wool Navajo rug in the hair-washing ceremony pattern of baskets and feathers.  Measures about 33" x 21.5", with a warp count of 11 per inch and weft count of 36 per inch.  Beautifully made with intact edges, tight weave and vivid colors.  Evidence of "lazy lines" or "section lines" are seen.  Weavers may choose to finish a small section and turn the weft around instead of going all the way to the edge.  Includes certificate of appraisal ($850.00). The previous owner worked as a public health nurse in the reservation and bought directly from the weavers.  Shows minimal wear for the age.

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