Antique W.A Pratt Daguerreotype Photograph (1844-1859)

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Antique W.A Pratt Daguerreotype Photograph (1844-1859)
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Antique daguerreotype photograph by William Abbott Pratt in Richmond, Virginia.  Mr. Pratt's daguerreotype of Mark Twain sold for thousands of dollars at an auction.  The photo comes in its leather covered case with gilded brass mat preserver.  W.A Pratt is embossed in the velvet lining inside.  Signs of wear commensurate with age.  This was not easy to photograph due to the highly reflective surface.  Because of the very fragile nature of this item, all sales is final.  This item is not returnable for any and all reason as we cannot guarantee the condition of this piece while it is in transit. 

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