DeMarteau 1787 Engraving "La Prudence" (Caution)

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DeMarteau 1787 Engraving
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Crayon-manner aka pastel-like print in red ink from an engraving of a sculpture by Raphael. "CAUTION"- drawn by JJ Caffieri in Rome, King of Sculptor, after Raphael, in 1752. Engraved by Demarteau in 1787.

 Artist: Gilles DeMarteau, French Master Engraver and court engraver to King Louis XV. Demarteau's prints are in permanent collections in museums worldwide and have been in the private collections of the world's most important art collectors, such as Baron Adrien Wittert and the Rothschilds.  Great buy!  Some staining and creasing but still phenomenal due to rarity!  Framed under glass.  Frame is red with small gaps in the corners but stable.  Sold as is due to frame and age.

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